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A capo is a device that clamps onto a guitar neck to shorten the string length.

Imagine someone walking up behind you and pressing a finger across all your strings on whatever fret you choose. This is the capo.

This raises the pitch of what are now the open strings. The guitar has become “smaller” and higher pitched. This is because the vibrating section of string is now shorter.

Jargon Guide:  A “capo” is a device, but we can also use the word for the action of using a capo. i.e. “She’s capoing the second fret”. The word comes from the Italian “capotasto”, referring to the “nut” of the guitar, which stops the strings at the headstock.

Capos come in many shapes and sizes, but all have the same function: to shorten the vibrating section of the strings.

Vault EGC-1 Guitar c...

Vault EGC-1 Guitar c...

Vault EGC-1 Guitar capo



Vault Good Quality fully metal guitar capo with string pin puller.Guitar capo for acoustic guitar, classic guitar, eletric guitar Specially used for 6 string guitar, can be used for banjo, ukulele, mandolin, bass and other stringed instrument.Vault EGC-1 Features:All the material for our capo are EC..

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